Umbilical Stand

a perfect solution

allowing for neat and tidy umbilical storage with a built in bailout cylinder holder and a hat hanger rail compatible with our KM97 hat light bracket.

The standby diver, or the diver dressing-in is provided with a seat with all of their equipment close at hand, ready at a moments notice, let´s the diver to be dresed safe and fast.

The system keeps your key diving equipment in a safe and accessible manner, protecting your divers, protecting your equipment.


It may be mounted on a boat deck or in a van, even on a container door

Video of umbilical stand on deck of a Light diving craft

Umbilical Stand Products´

Umbilical stand for Light diving Craft

This is made by Hukkelberg Boast, our partner in Norway

The umbilical stand are special made for light diving crafts

and come with many features and is made special for each craft,

lenght of the umbilcal and hold all divers personal equipment.

It can also be used for the standby diver, to be seaded ready on surface

It is also to be used as, diver dressing-in, is provided with a seat with all of their equipment close at hand, ready at a moments notice.


Divers Umbilical Rack2
Umbilical Rack
Aft Deck
KMB Dive hat with Axsub cam
Divers Umbilical Rack.

Customer specific designed umbilical stand

We design the umbilical stand so it has the size and features you need

In that way you can have a umbilical stand that fit into your dive system.


It can be mounted with the Hat hanger rail compatible with KM37 & 97 hat light & cam bracket.

Here you can see some drawings of differant models we have made

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UW Tech UCR - 06
UW Tech UCR - 11-2
Slim stand

Cases: Umbilical Stand

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