Aft Deck station

Monitor & Speaker, video - sound from dive control


Diver in water showed on 15" water proff monitor on aft deck, for Tender & St.By. Diver

Speaker with divers and supervisor sound.

Video of aft deck station on Light diving craft

Aft deck Monitor & Skeaker system

Stainless steel monitor

The stainless steel monitor can be used on deck or outside the dive control room, to show the hat cam from diver in water.

It gives the tender a veiw of what the diver are doing when sending tools down and also so the ST. BY diver can follow the divers work and know at all time where the diver are in water.

Standard it comes with a wall bracket, but the monitor can be placed in place outside where needed.

Wet test Team
Decks monitor ODIN

Deck speaker

Divers and supervisorĀ“s sound on deck.

It gives the tender a good info on what the diver are doing and also gives the tender the commands from supervisor to support the diver in water.

Sound amplifier at the supervisorĀ“s control, to set the sound level as needed for the tenders on deck / outside the dive control room

Dive panel
Decks monitor1

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