Light Diving Craft,

inshore or offshore diving with Air & NITROX


Safe Air collaborates with Hukkelberg Boats that have over 25 years of experience in the boat industry, Hukkelberg manufacture diving boats with uncompromising attention to quality, safety and design.

Hukkelberg design custom built diving vessels with the diving system fully integrated into the design of the boat and make the design of the boat so it furfill your needs for the job.

Inshore Light diving craft

Offshore Light diving craft

Light diving craft, diving boats from 12 to 15 meters

Inshore Light diving craft, a high speed workboat

is designed for diving operations on near-shore installations and also especily developed for diving & ROV operations in the aquaculture industry.

Design Specification:

  • 14 meter - 40 knots - 12 ton - Twin water jet
  • IMCA & NORSON compliant
  • Nitrox & Air diving station for 2 divers
  • Alu composite cylinder bank with 78.400 liter air

Inshore light diving craft
Air Diver2
Aft Deck
Engine room
Light Diving Craft-15meter

Offshore diving & ROV craft,

is designed to fulfill and exceed the requirements of diving operations on offshore / near-shore installations in relation to oli, gas and other offshore energy industry infrastructure such, FPSOs, drill rigs, supply vessels etc.

Design Specification:

  • 12 meter -30 knots - 10 ton - Twin engine & Twin water jet
  • Single point of lift for launching offshore
  • IMCA & NORSOK compliant dive system
  • Nitrox & Air diving station for 3 divers
  • Alu composite cylinder bank with 166.400 liter air & EAN

Dive Control, in Light diving craft

Our panels put all the information you need right at your fingertips.

The controls and information you need most often are the closest to you

  • 2 or 3 diver Air / Nitrox diving panel
  • Divers Duplex Radio & Deck coms
  • Main monitor with divers video
  • PC with cleint raporting & video recording
  • Divers monitoring system 
  • Monitor with decks cams veiw & backup video recording

2 diver air panel-2
Dive monitor station
2 diver air control
Dive panel
LDC dive control

Working deck on the LDC 

Aft working deck on the boat can be equiped with any tools needed for the job in water, divers tools:

  • HP water jetting
  • Hydraulics for underwater tools
  • Working Crane up to 500 kg.
  • Downline for tools to the diver
  • AFT Deck Monitor
  • ROV

Dive & ROV Boat
Aft deck -ROV
Aft Deck
HP water jetting
Divers Umbilical Rack.
Aft deck - A-frame
Aft deck - Crane 500kg.
Decks monitor ODIN
ST. By diver station

Hukkelberg Boats

In 2015 Safe Air entered into a collaboration with HUKKELBERG BOATS, to manufacture Light diving Crafts with uncompromising attention to quality, safety and design.

In the following years, rather than retrofitting diving equipment onto existing boats, Safe Air and Hukkelberg started integrating the diving systems into the design of the boat from the start. This has led to a shift in focus for the design and manufacturing of LDC’s – how to make the best, safest and most efficient workplace for divers & supervisors.

The new Light diving Craft represents a decade of product development, experience and collaboration with the diving industry. Its proven track record and reliable performance under a wide range of conditions will make it an ideal tool to performing worldwide inshore or offshore diving operations.