NITROX, Oxygen Membrane systems

onsite production of Air & NITROX for

surface supplied diving  


The fully automatic membrane and CO2 reducer system, separate Nitrogen and CO2, to make enriched air Nitrox, from 32 to 40% mix with an accuracy less than 1 %

Nitrox system with: LP compressor - Airdryer - LP filter system - CO2 reduer - Membrane unit - HP compressor - HP filter system - Analyser system with log.

Information about CO2" in NITROX

Constantly rising amounts of CO² as well as adverse environmental conditions, create harmful levels of CO² concentration in the air. For operators of NITROX filling stations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reliably comply with the legally-binding CO2 limits.  

The proportionally increasing amount of CO² in all NITROX membrane systems also makes compliance more difficult.

The solution is a´  CO2 REDUCER  from KrinnAir

membrane flow
CO2 test

NITROX membrane systems

Installed in diving Vessel

Nitrox membrane system can be designed to be a part of the Air supply system, so it is possible to make both air and NITROX with the same HP compressoer.

It is possible to make from 32 to 40% NITROX, in 250 L/min and up to

450 L/min.

It can be stored on onboard cylinders which can supply NITROX to the diving control panel.

Membran Station Premium, Basic, Blue Line
membrane flow
Micro filter system
EAN - CO2 system

Containerized, so it can be part of any dive spread

10 or 20 feet container, integrated with Low pressure compressor &

CO2 reducer & Nitrox membrane and HP bauer compressor, all in one unit.

20 feet container can also be equiped with 158L composite gas cylinders, so the Nitrox are stored temperate and safe inside, one unit that is easy to transport

20 feet NITROX Container
LP Nitrox Anlæg
EAN - CO2 system
membrane flow

CO2 reducer 

The KrinnAir - CO2 reduser unit, removes CO² safely from the breathing air before NITROX is created in the membrane system.

This means that the NITROX complies with the DIN EN 12021 limits and

it means that there are removed more than 1000 ppm CO2 in the NITROX 

Read more on the Data Sheet about the 

KrinnAir_CO2-basic open
KrinnAir_CO2-basic closed

Cleaning of equipment for oxygen service

Assembly Nitrox panel
Ultrasonic cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning.
Oxygen clean
Nitrox dive panel in O2 service.
Nitrox dive panel in O2 service

Safe Air Diving has oxygen cleaning procedure for cleaning piping & Valves in dive systems, All dive systems that is to be used for Nitrox containing more than 23% oxygen needs cleaning before use.

Safe Airs´ Oxygen cleaning is based on this EIGA standard, DOC033

See more about the Standard:

European industrial gases association EIGA

Cases: Nitrox membrane systems

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