Diver monitoring systems

Safe air,

use Axsub Axview monitorings system in all our diving system, this system represents the second generation of diving data management system, and is the best tool to monitor the divers depth, and when used with a PC it can be logged together with divers video & sound 

Video of Dive system

Diver monitoring systems

Axsub monitoring system

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At Safe Air we can recommend Axsub depth monitorings system, to record divers time & depth profile, we have been testing it for now 2 years and found it reliable and very user-friendly.

  • Axsub DMS unit for 2 or 3 divers coms with:
  • Main monitor with divers video
  • PC with cleint raporting & video recording, video overlay
  • Deko software for air & Nitrox tables
  • Digital sensor for each divers depth

Dive Panel-3 diver station
3 diver Radio - DMS station
Dive monitor station
AxVIEW-Rackmount (3)
Depth sensor

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