Special customised dive systems

Safe Air has a specialist technical team that can design and build your ideal dive system. Not only do we build dive systems to comply with design specifications such as IMCA; but also, to precisely what you need, so it will fit right into your diving boat, container system, or dive van -  we can make a practical and safe solution perfectly tailored for your needs.

We have an in-house CAD team that can make accurate designs for you, making it possible to create practical, ergonomic layouts that maximise the efficient use of space for your dive systems.

If this sounds like something that you require, simply send us a mail with a short description of what you need; or give us a call, and we will be very happy to help you.

our development process

Specifically designed diving equipment for

your company

Send us an outline of your request, with as much information as possible.

It is important for us to know what you want from your dive system; it is also important for us to know what you do not want.

We create a

design proposal

for you

We will send you a design proposal and drawing of the diving equipment layout with as much

detail as possible.

You give us

feedback on the

design proposal

We will redesign the

diving equipment, incorporating your feedback, this way we can provide you exactly what you are looking for.

We will send the revised proposal for your approval


the proposal fits your needs,

and you are


We will make you a final offer on the diving equipment with a realistic lead time. We will keep you informed of progress from start to finish so you are involved in the process as much as you want.

customer designed diving equipment

Air & Nitrox dive panel


3 diver air control panel, customer specific designed to be used

for 20 foot containersed dive system:

  • IMCA D. 023 Surface orientated diving systems
  • 3 divers, 2 working divers + ST. By diver panel section
  • 3 pcs. of gas lines into each panel section
  • SDA Analox analyser for each diver
  • Main centre monitor section with radio & DMS
  • Top monitor section can be tilted electronically to give the supervisor the best viewing angle

Dykker panel-SAD3-2
Divepanel front layout
Filling line - Filling panel pipe system
Factory test of the dive panel system
Control rum-3
Dive panel mounted in container control room

Composite air quad for Light diving craft


Special designed air quad for LDC with very large litre volumen

To be installed in a smal Light Diving Craft, for a 2 diver air system

So the LDC can be diving for dayes without recharging air.

  • IMCA D. 023 Design For Surface Diving 
  • Light weight of gas quad = 500 kg.
  • Liter volumen = 221.200 liter
  • 7 pcs. of 158L composite cylinders
  • Working pressure 200 bar
  • EN 12-245 / approval of composite cylinders

Air Quad - 221.200 Liter
158L Flaske RACK.2021.01
Bottom Alu Rack
Front view
4 Diver Air panel
Drawing 4 diver air panel layout
DP4-Dykkerpanel system
4 Diver Station

Air control dive panel

Specially designed & manufactured air diving panel system for

commercial diving school, to be used in supervisor training

Design specification:

  • IMCA d. 23 Surface orientated diving system
  • NORSOK U101, Diving equipment
  • NORSOK U 103, Underwater diving
  • Designed for 50 meter water

20 feet NITROX Container
EAN - CO2 system
Front view
KrinnAir_CO2-basic open
DVN.2.7.1 container
Power supply

Containerized Nitrox Membrane system 

Specially designed & manufactured Nitrox container supply system

Design specification:

  • Air & Nitrox 32% to 40% @ 450l/min.
  • HP compressor Bauer Verticus V450-OX
  • Krinner Membrane system, witg CO2 reducer
  • 158l composite cylinders x 8 pcs. @ 252.800 litre Nitrox