Safe Air products

Below you will find our products,  

These products are equipment, we have delevoped over many years, with feedback from divers and diving supervisors, and dive companies.


Our dive systems has been diving for many hours and will give you the

safest and most efficient diving on your projects.

Do you need customized dive systems?

Product groups

Dive panels

dive panels for boats & Container 

and dive van

Composite Cylinders

Alu Composite cylinders

Nitrox & Air bank

Electric Heating

Eelctric heat vest system

Powered from surface

Membrane systems

Enriched Air Nitrox

Membrane systems

Dive systems

Dive system for boats &

Light Diving Craft

Digital Bailout

Divers digital bailout

monitoring system

Aft Deck Station

Stainless Steel Monitor

DMS systems

Diver monitorings systems

PC video recording

Light diving craft

Aluminium diving craft

10 to 15 meters

Helmet hangers

Cam & Light bracket

Hat bracket for umbilical stand

Umbilical Stand

Aluminium Rack

for Umbilical

Oxygen service

Cleaning for enriched air Nitrox

Special procedure