Our work

Safe Air has a specialized technical team that hold many commercial certificats and specialized courses, this gives the team top level competence in designing & manufacture commercial diving equipment

Specialized courses - Training:

  • Commercial air & Nitrox diver 
  • Diving first Aid / Diver medic 
  • Offshore survial 
  • Commercial Mix gas / Trimix gas 
  • Commercial Mix gas blending
  • Ships officer / Navigation 
  • Tescom service
  • Swagelok traning
  • INVENTOR drawing
  • Ships & Boats building

Work experience:

  • Dive technician on inshore & offshore project
  • Inshore & offshore air diving 
  • NITROX diving in water
  • Mix gas diving in water
  • Air & Nitrox diving supervisor
  • Surface supplied mix gas supervisor
  • Diving air & Nitrox instructor
  • Ships building & steel work
  • offshore at sea on many kind of vessels 
  • Develop & manufacture diving equipment for 20 years

Videos of diving systems produced

by Safe Air, into HUKKELBERG Alu boats

Diving equipment for Light Diving Craft and vessels

  • 2 diver air system compliant with IMCA & NORSOK
  • Special features to make safe & effective diving
  • Divers monitoring system from Axsub
  • Bailout monitoring in dive control
  • Deck monitor & Speaker, video and sound from working diver 

Offshore light diving craft

The worlds Safest & most efficent, diving craft

  • 3 diver NITROX & Air dive system
  • 166.400 litre onboard gas supply
  • Compliant with IMCA & NORSOK
  • 12 meter - 10 ton weight - 30 knots speed
  • Equipped with single point lift, to be launced out at sea 

Inshore light diving craft

  • 14 meter long
  • 10 ton aluminium hull
  • Twin water jet
  • Speed 40 knots
  • 2 diver air system compliant with IMCA & NORSOK
  • Special features to make safe & effective diving

Safe Air, has fine access behind the dive panels

  • 2 diver air panel with duplex radio

  • UPS battery power system
  • Bailout reading on digital display


20 feet NITROX Container
3-Diver 20ft Container
158L Flaske RACK.2021.01
UW Tech UCR - 06
Twin Lock Chamber
Cam bracket-5
KMB28 Hat bracket-3.jpg

Safe Air have an in-house CAD team that can make accurate designs for you, making it possible to create practical, ergonomic layouts that maximise the efficient use of space for your dive systems.

If this sounds like something that you require, simply send us a mail with a short description of what you need; or give us a call, and we will be very happy to help you.’

Cleaning of equipment for oxygen service

Assembly Nitrox panel
Ultrasonic cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning.
Oxygen clean
Nitrox dive panel in O2 service.
Nitrox dive panel in O2 service

Safe Air has oxygen cleaning procedure for cleaning piping & Valves in dive systems, to be used for enriched air Nitrox up to 60%

All dive systems that is to be used for Nitrox containing more than 23% oxygen needs cleaning before use.

Safe Airs´ Oxygen cleaning is based on this EIGA standard, DOC033

See more about the Standard: European industrial gases association EIGA

Equipment news

Dive panel unit
KMB28 hat bracket
Umbilical Rack
Bailout sensor


Special Designed & Manufactured 2 diver air station for working vessel,


Design specification:

  • IMCA d. 23 Surface Diving System
  • NORSOK U101, diving equipment
  • NORSOK U 103, underwater diving
  • Designed for 50 meter using Air
  • 2 diver air panel with digital bailout reading
  • 140l air compressor with 4 @ 50l Alu composite cylinders
  • KMB28 bandmask with camera & LED lights

4 Diver Air panel
4 Diver Station
3 Diver Air Panel
Air Dive Panel


Special Designed & Manufactured air diving panel system for commercial diving school.

Design specification:

  • IMCA d. 23 Surface Diving System
  • NORSOK U101, diving equipment
  • NORSOK U 103, underwater diving
  • Designed for 50 meter using Air


221.200 LITER

Designed & Manufactured light weight Air quard for diving vessel. 

Design specification:

  • IMCA D. 023 Design For Surface Diving               
  • Light weight, 500 kg.
  • 7 pcs. of 158L composite cylinders
  • Working pressure 200 bar
  • EN 12-245 / approval of Composite cylinders


Dykker panel-SAD3-2
3 diver Radio - DMS station
KM-Hat Bracket-Welding


Design & Manufacture of New build dive panel system for surface supplied Air Diving down to 50 meter

Design specification:

      •  IMCA D. 023 Design For Surface Diving 

      •  IMCA D. 039 FMEA For Diving Systems

          system assessment, prior to building

      •  NORSOK U-100 Manned Underwater Operation

      •  NORSOK U-101 For Diving Equipment

      •  3 diver coms system with Inhalation Noise Reduction (INR)

           allows the user to adjust or remove diver’s inhalation noise

  • Axsub diver monitorings system for depth, time & date
  • PC video recording system with video overlay

20 feet NITROX Container
DVN.2.7.1 container
EAN - CO2 system
Micro filter system

Containerized Nitrox membrane system

That can be part of any dive spread

20 feet containerized Nitrox supply system

Container to be equiped with:

  • Bauer Nitrox Compressor
  • KrinnAir Nitrox membrane system
  • CO2 reduser, to remove all CO2 in the gas
  • Filling Pannel with gas analysere
  • 8 pcs. of 158L composite gas cylinders = 252.800 Liter gas