Divers Electric heating Equipment  

Heated Vest / Gloves


Divers electric heated vest, under the dry-suit, helps diver to keep warm during long dives in cold water


This system consists of a12V DC power supply that is mounted at the dive control station and is controlled by the dive supervisor. Power is the sent down to the diver via dedicated conductors in the umbilical which are terminated in a custom moulded termination block, and connected to a special inflator valve on the divers dry suit, to supply the power to the heat vest

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Divers heat vest

Electric heat vest

is designed to be worn between a thin base layer and undersuit / drysuit.

This configuration allows most of the generated heat to be passed directly to the diverĀ“s body and not to the thick undersuit.

Increasing comfort and safety, helps diver to keep warm during long dives in cold water, and Extend the dive time without risk of undesirable and dangerous situations for the diver to get hypothermia for the diver

It is all powered from surface through the umbilical with 12V DC

Heating vest system
Heating Adaptor for drysuit
Bailout pressure (2)

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