Dive Systems for your boat

For Light Diving Craft,

inshore or offshore diving with Air & NITROX


Safe Air collaborates with Hukkelberg Boats that have over 20 years of experience in the boat industry, Together we manufacture diving systems with uncompromising attention to quality, safety and design. We design custom built diving vessels with the diving system fully integrated into the design of the boat as opposed to being retrofitted onto an existing craft.

Video of Dive system

Dive systems for light diving craft & large diving boats

Dive Control

Our panels put all the information you need right at your fingertips.

The controls and information you need most often are the closest to you

  • 2 or 3 diver Air / Nitrox diving panel
  • Divers Duplex Radio & Deck coms
  • Main monitor with divers video
  • PC with cleint raporting & video recording
  • Divers monitoring system 
  • Monitor with decks cams veiw & backup video recording

2 diver air panel-2
Dive monitor station
Dive panel
Dive Panel-3 diver station
4 Diver Air panel

Air supply

Alu composite cylinders are the best solution for the dive boat, they are coated to withstand a hard enviroment and they come in two sizes 49L and 158L in 200 bar.

Light weight composite cylinders, save a lot of weight in our diving boat, 8 pcs. 49L composite cylinders is about 400 kg less that steel. 

Bauer compressors are the best solution for the diving boat, they are made for work every day

Composite clynder bank3
Composite clynder bank1
150 Liter Compostite
Bauer 140L on LDC
Bauer 140L in LDC
Bauer 250L compressor

Umbilical stand

is a perfect solution allowing for neat and tidy umbilical storage with a built in bailout cylinder holder and a hat hanger rail compatible with our KM97 hat light bracket.

The standby diver, or the diver dressing-in is provided with a seat with all of their equipment close at hand, ready at a moments notice, let´s the diver to be dresed safe and fast.

The system keeps your key diving equipment in a safe and accessible manner, protecting your divers, protecting your equipment.

Divers Umbilical Rack2
Divers Umbilical Rack.
KMB Dive hat with Axsub cam- Light-2
KMB Dive hat with Axsub cam
Air Diver2
Aft Deck

Aft deck station

The stainless steel monitor and speaker used on deck, outside the dive control room, to show the divers video in water.

It gives the tender a veiw of what the diver are doing when sending tools down and also so the ST. BY diver can follow the divers work and know at all time where the diver are in water.

St. By. diver seat
Decks monitor ODIN
Decks monitor1

Divers equipment

Safe air offers special features for the divers equipment as:

  • Hat bracket for dive cam & light

  • Digital bailout monitoring

  • Electric heating in the drysiut to keep the diver warm

  • Strong and solid harness from Atlant

KM Hat Hanger
Diver Bailout HP sensor
fsv2 - brosjyre jun. 06 2017 33
KMB28 Hat bracket
KMB Dive hat with Axsub cam- Light-2
Heating vest system
Wet test Team
Cam bracket-5
KMB28 Hat bracket-3.jpg

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