about Safe Air Diving

Safety is our obsession, our occupation, where everything is black or white, yes or No. Everything that we do revolves around doing things properly without compromising safety – ever.

We are constantly raising the bar in the development of technical diving gear and being an innovative, pioneering company; making commercial diving an occupation that is safer and more efficient than ever before.


We have over 25 years of experience in commercial diving using NITROX and Mixed gases such as TRIOX and TRIMIX for surface supplied diving down to 70 metres. We have been divers, supervisors, technical advisors and dive techs for many diving operations, both inshore and offshore, large and small.

We are specialists in the field of commercial diving equipment and its component parts. We have extensive understanding of the industrial and technical requirements of diving equipment not only the requirements of IMCA and NORSOK, but also the practicalities of making equipment that works in the right way for you and your team.


At Safe Air Diving we employ existing technologies to develop and produce state-of-the art dive systems that are able to satisfy all national and international legislative requirements – without question.

We aim to save you and your client’s cost, but above all to make commercial diving safer.

Flemming Møller Schou

diving equipment expert  |  ceo

Our Partner

Hukkelberg Boats

In 2015 Safe Air entered into a collaboration with HUKKELBERG BOATS, to manufacture Light diving Crafts with uncompromising attention to quality, safety and design.

In the following years, rather than retrofitting diving equipment onto existing boats, Safe Air and Hukkelberg started integrating the diving systems into the design of the boat from the start. This has led to a shift in focus for the design and manufacturing of LDC’s – how to make the best, safest and most efficient workplace for divers & supervisors.

The new Light diving Craft represents a decade of product development, experience and collaboration with the diving industry. Its proven track record and reliable performance under a wide range of conditions will make it an ideal tool to performing worldwide inshore or offshore diving operations.