some of the equipment we produce

...all our equipment are FAT tested

Dive panels for Air & NITROX

We custom design your dive panel so it fit to your needs, all from required Size - Air or Nitrox use, amount of divers, 2 or 3, or 4 divers, Regulatios up to IMCA & NORSOK

Digital depth gauge - Digital pressure gauge form gas bank, we can intergrate all the equipment you need in the panel section.

All dive panels coms with full documentation package up to regulation

Dive control
2 Diver Air Panel
Dykker kontrol
Dive Panel for air (2)
Dive panel

Diving systems`for

Light Diving Craft,

inshore or offshore diving with Air & NITROX


Safe Air collaborates with Hukkelberg Boats that have over 20 years of experience in the boat industry, Together we manufacture diving systems with uncompromising attention to quality, safety and design. We design custom built diving vessels with the diving system fully integrated into the design of the boat as opposed to being retrofitted onto an existing craft.

14 meter LDC2

NITROX, Membrane systems 

onsite production NITROX for surface supplied diving  


The fully automatic membrane and CO2 reducer system separate Nitrogen and CO2, to make enriched air Nitrox from 32 to 40% mix with an accuracy less than +/- 0.5 %

Containerized system with: LP compressor - Airdryer - LP filter - CO2 reduer - Membrane unit - HP compressor - HP filter system - Analyser system with log.

Composite Cylinder, 50 L & 150L 

for surface supplied diving, Air & NITROX  


Cylinders are coated to withstand a submerged environment and is O2 cleaned, come in oxygen service, all components are oxygen compatible with enriched air up to 100% Oxygen

Mounted with cylinder opening in both ends, one for valve and one with end plug / for easy access to the yearling inside inspection.

The Cylinders are certified after EN 12-245 and comes with certificate

Life time is 20 years from date of production

Working pressure 200 bar / Test pressure 300 bar / Min burst pressure 600 bar

Composite clynder bank3
Composite clynder bank1

Digital Bailout monitoring   

on surface, at the dive panel for all divers


From high pressure sensor on the divers first stage, pressure signal are showed on digital display on the dive panel for each diver.

This equipment is not to replace any bailout pressure gauge on the diver, this equipment is an extra feature, so the supervisor can follow the divers bailout pressure and have full control of it

It has a low alert when the pressure goes below 150 bar.


Helmet Hanger   

with cam & light bracket


The helmet hanger fit all stainless steel Kirby Morgan helmets and fit all dive cams and lights that has small diameter, differnet POM bracket can be ordered to fit different model cams.

Aluminum umbilical Rack can be designed so it fit your dive system and your helmets. 

Air Diver2
KMB Dive hat with Axsub cam-2
Divers Umbilical Rack3
KMB Dive hat with Axsub cam

Divers Electric heating Equipment  

Heating Face-plate - Heated undersuit / Vest / Gloves


Divers electric heated face plate makes sure that the diver has a clear view all the time during the dive, efficiency during the dive and greater safety for the diver.


Heating under suit or vest, helps diver to keep warm during long dives in cold water.


It is all powered from Battery pack or from surface through the umbilical with 12V DC

Bailout pressure (2)

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